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Test di intelligenza per Gatti
Cat IQ Test Online  
44gatti - Cat IQ Test english version Click qui per la versione italiana del test!

Discover how smart is your feline friend! Answer to all questions and then click verify.
On the bottom of the page you'll find your score. Compare it with the rating table and get your cat profile.
Have a Good test!!

1) Crouch , bark and grind your teeth. Your cat... :
A) jumps scared on nearest chair
B) arches its back to look bigger
C) looks at you inquiringly
D) yawns

2) Standing in front of a mirror, your cat... :
A) looks up, looks down, then left and right
B) looks behind mirror to find where's the other cat
C) looks really interested about his mirrored image
D) licks his fur gently

3) To awake you, your cat... :
A) meows gently
B) sit down on your face or your chest
C) throws something on the floor
D) turns on radio

4) Your cat spend his free time playing with:
A) a paper ball
B) a piece of string
C) a wool ball
D) your computer's keyboard

5) In presence of someone that is really allergic to cat's fur
     or very frightened of cats, your cat...
A) goes away from room
B) waits under the sofa until that the he/she goes away
C) sits down on the floor in a place where he can accurately and intensely examine him/her
D) jumps directly toward his victim and fills him/her of warm kindnesses

6) If u carry your cat in the car , he... :
A) piddles on seats
B) tries to hide himself somewhere inside the car
C) sits down on the back seat criticizing your way of driving
D) shouts obscenities to the bikers

7) If u have to give to your cat a pill , he... :
A) eats it without any kind of problem
B) chews and then immediately spits it
C) fights like a wounded tiger
D) disappears as soon as u think the word "pill"

8) If u seize with two hands your cat ,spreading his arms, he looks like:
A) a bag of flour
B) a pillow
C) a trapeze artist
D) a karate master



Rating of your Cat
Description of your Cat
32 points
He solves ethical dilemmas
24 to 31 points
He falsifies lottery tickets
17 to 23 points
He's an artist
14 to 16 points
When you call him, he immediately comes
10 to 13 points
Little problems with his mental development
He's still learning his name
9 points
HUGE problems with his mental development
He still does not understand if he has to walk on the floor or on the ceiling...
8 points
No Comment...
Sometimes he forget how to mew...

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