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Cats and Neighbours

Neighbours can be a source of endless amusement. Not nearly as important to you as your owner, neighbours can be regularly terrorized or completely taken advantage of, as you please. You should use your best endeavours to reach your neighbour's house and introduce yourself, scaling fences if necessary. You can then assess whether your neighbours are Cat Friendly or not, and consequently how to behave towards them.

Cat Friendly Neighbours

If you are fortunate enough to have neighbours who like cats, simply turn on the charm for:

- supplements to your regular diet;

- alternative meals when your own doesn't interest you;

- a simple change of scene;

- the option of staying the night.


Cat Unfriendly Neighbours

If your neighbours steadfastly refuse to admit how wonderful and rewarding cats can be, your only recourse is to pester them as much as possible for being that way. Suggested methods include:

- digging holes in the garden;

- using their gardens as your litter box of choice

- meowing loudly and continually under their bedroom window in the middle of the night

- dropping dead rodents on their doorstep

- tearing up their rubbish bags when they're ready for collection

- trampling thorugh their flower beds

- staring at them menacingly from a safe distance

- fighting with any dog or cat they may have as a pet

- eating their pet's food

- eating their food

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