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When your owner throws a party, it should be fun for you, too. Feel free to mingle with the guests if you're feeling very social, and plop yourself down in the middle of the room for your best chance of a back scratch or tummy rub.

If you're feeling territorial, lay claim to your favourite chair and strongly discourage anyone who is insensitive enough to try to move you.

Be sure to investigate any flower arrangements brought in for the party, to see if they meet your taste.

Parties are also an ideal time to sharpen your claws on the drapes or furniture, since your owner will be probably be too busy to notice.

If food is being served, keep an eye out for guests who want a second helping... and more important, those who don't.
Above all, don't forget - most good parties end up in the kitchen, so do your bit to help keep it clean.
Once the guests begin to leave, here is no need for you to bother to say goodbye, althought it is fair to expect them to do so. Whether you see the guests out or not, be sure to leave them something to remember you by...

...some fur...?




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